Dear Hand-builders, wheel-throwers, slip-casters and sculptors,

Summer is driving our heat index up, way up. But do NOT let this high heat deter you from doing what you do best; MAKE POTTERY. Speaking of pottery, our deadline of July 1st to have 800 bowls available for Pita jungle passed us more than 20 days ago. We failed to meet the challenge and I did not receive bowls from many of you who took clay early on were committed to helping with the Pita Challenge.

I know its time to slow down or take a break and maybe go on a vacation away from the sordid heat. You do whatever you have to do to recharge and replenish and then please put on some music, get those bags of clay out of storage and start hand building or wheel-throwing and make bowls. We only need 800, yes it’s possible. Pita Jungle is counting on us

Here’s a little poem to get you rolling:
Stacks of bowls,Big bowls,Small bowls, Tiny bowls, GIANT BOWLS, Pretty bowls, Handsome bowls,
Round bowls, Square bowls, Bowls and more bowls,
Bowls to fill hungry stomachs,
And bowls to nourish our friends’ souls.

I want to hear from you, ask me to pick up large stacks of bowls some of which we will give to PITA JUNGLE meeting our assigned quantity of 800 and then the surplus will be assigned for our main event in October. Don't forget we are still obligated to have bowls for the October event.

This October is our 25th Anniversary and I hope to surpass our past monetary contributions to WASTE NOT. We need lots more bowls and as well as nice boutique items for this main event. It will be great!

I am counting on you, please don’t let Pita Jungle and WASTE NOT down.

Thank you,
A very anxious Chairperson

    Arizona CLAY Events IN JULY 2015

What: General Membership Meeting  
When: No meeting in July

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