Arizona CLAY's Empty Bowls 26th Anniversary Event
Friday October 14
Benefiting WASTE NOT AZ

First and foremost thank you to all of you that have contributed in anyway to the EMPTY BOWLS event this year.

Our numbers are way down from previous years - $10,300 and change is the total from the Main Event on October 14th.

We do not have Pita Jungle totals yet as their promotion is not until December. WASTE NOT also has one event they do at the Scottsdale Senior Center in November and I do a small one the first weekend of November.

I hosted my traditional "Ladies Do Lunch" event this last Friday and even those numbers were down from previous years - I believe this is the 7th year for that event. I did not have as many ladies as usual. But the 7 ladies that were here were very generous as usual and the total was $482.00 which will increase some on the next week or two.

So the $10K plus will increase before we put this year's event "to bed" some what. I will keep you posted.

We had beautiful bowls, absolutely wonderful Boutique items and great, great help.

I plan on having a meeting after the first of the year so we can "refresh and revive" the event so the 2017 event will be much more profitable. If you would like to help please let me know. I would like to see some committees set up such as one to handle publicity in conjunction with WASTE NOT and their efforts in that area. But there will be a lot of room for volunteers. This is an ARIZONA CLAY event which means we need a lot more members involved in this then there was this year and in the past. Please let me know if you would like to be involved. Lee Carroll 623/875-9309 or

Thank you again for all that was done by not only AZ CLAY members but our friends in the ceramics community.

Unfortunately there will always be an empty bowl but we do do a lot of good in trying to help with our efforts. $10K plus is not a bad day's work. I know it is much appreciated.

Lee Carroll, Chairperson AZ CLAY's EMPTY BOWLS 2016

All the clay for the event is donated by Laguna Clay, Marjon Ceramics and AZ CLAY Assoc.