Arizona CLAY's 24th Annual Empty Bowls 2014 Event
Benefiting Waste NOT AZ

Well, the money is all in and the figures calculated - final count $23,868.33!

Here is the final breakdown for the 2014 EMPTY BOWLS season:

AZ Center, the Main Event$16,316.50
That is bowls, boutique items and miscellaneous donations
ASU Clay Club $998.83
Lee's Events $742.00
I always have a luncheon and "private" showing for 10-12 ladies. I have done it now for 5 years I believe.
Scottsdale Craft Fair $2,661.00
This was in lieu of AJs this year. The Scottsdale Senior Center hosted this event as they have for numerous years and have 5200 people thru the event
Pita Jungle $3,150.00
This was a new partnering this year. We gave them 15 bowls for each of 14 stores. We are hoping that this may be something that goes forward into coming years

So many thanks go out to all of you whether it was making bowls, working at the Main Event, working any of the other events, donating money or the "biggy" your continued support of the event and most important to me. This could not happen without all of you!

All of this could not have been the success that it was without the generous support of MARJON CERAMICS and Laguna Clay. They have supported us for many years, donating all the clay to AZ members used to creat the bowls.

2015 is the 25th year of AZ CLAY'S EMPTY BOWLS PROJECT! We want to make it special. Give me ideas, offer to help, get into the planning of a tee shirt design contest - the list goes on and on.

Thank you All, on behalf of myself and the WHOLE crew -

Lee Carroll
President Arizona CLAY Assoc.
Chairperson, EMPTY BOWLS 2014
623-875-8309 or

Marjon CeramicsSome interesting statistics about EMPTY BOWLS!