Arizona CLAY's 2013 Empty Bowls Event Benefiting Waste Not AZ

Arizona CLAY is very happy to announce, we will again be at several locations of AJ'S FINE FOOD STORES on Saturday, October 12th following the HUGE MAIN EVENT at The Arizona Center on Friday, October 11th with bowls and ceramic boutique items. The bowls will sell for $12--boutique items will sell for $15 up to $500. In addition, very small bowls will sell two for $10.00.

Thank you, ARIZONA CENTER, AJ'S and CANYON CAFE!!! Your continued support is very much appreciated! And, Thank you, MARJON CERAMICS/LAGUNA CLAY for your donation of all the clay for the bowls!

Volunteers are needed:

Some interesting statistics about EMPTY BOWLS!

• MARJON CERAMICS has donated 63,750 pounds of clay worth $32,000 over the last 12 years!

• Every dollar raised for WASTE NOT feeds six people!

• Arizona CLAY has raised over $500,000 since its beginning 22 years ago!

• 100% of the proceeds goes directly to WASTE NOT!

Arizona CLAY's 2012 Empty Bowls Event

A word from Lee Carroll, leader of Empty Bowls 2012 ...

What a great event we had this year!

$28,000.00 plus was raised. Monies were still trickling as of last weekend! One of the big supporters was in a church meeting, and it was brought up that they still had some money to give to a charity and asked the question - Which charity should we send it to? Our big supporter, who is also a dear friend responded by, "Why not WASTE NOT"? Some had heard of the program and others hadn't, so Anne explained the program and they all were in agreement that the money should go to WASTE NOT - $1000.00! Anne is one of the ladies that take part in my private event every year. Those dear ladies (9 ladies) and special friends spent close to $800.00 at my home this year.

All of this could not have been the success that it was without the generous giving of MARJON CERAMICS. As of last year they had donated $32,000.00 worth of clay in the last twelve years. We do need to include Laguna Clay in that "generous giving" spot. They have supported us for many years. You can find Marjons info on this website under RESOURCES.

Of course, all of you worker bees, can not be ignored. We had more volunteers this year than we have had in the past several years. I can't even start to name names, I would surely miss someone so I will just send a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support of AZ CLAY and its work towards helping feed the hungry of the valley. We had some new potters this year contributing beautiful bowls. I hope they come back next year!

It is never too early to start making bowls or putting it in your calendar as a reminder or scheduling it in your class projects. We have about 200 bowls in the storage unit. That is our base for next year - so you can add to it any time you have bowls made.