Arizona CLAY's 24th Annual Empty Bowls 2014 Event
Benefiting Waste NOT AZ

The HUGE MAIN EVENT sponsored by Arizona CLAY happened on Friday, October 17 at The Arizona Center! 100% of the proceeds went to Waste NOT AZ, who feeds the Valley's hungry. Our totals (as of Oct 22) are:


$15,139.50 from the Oct 17 event + $998.83 from the Clay Club at ASU

Not bad for 3 1/2 hours of selling time!

Our Friday event numbers are down from last year but it is still a lot of money. We do also, have more funds coming in that will count against the final total. A lot of positive came out of the Oct 17 event.

One of the major positives is: Dee (from Waste NOT) and I are working on two partnering possibilities. We have a meeting on Thurs. morning and impressive packets are going out in the mail also on Thursday.

Some coming events that will bring in more funds include:

Watch this page for updates on partnering possibilities and any further monies that come in.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support this event every year. We are really doing something that makes a significant impact on our community!

Lee Carroll
President AZ CLAY
Chairperson AZ CLAY Empty Bowls

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