Arizona CLAY's 24th Annual Empty Bowls 2014 Event
Benefiting Waste Not AZ

Arizona CLAY is very happy to announce the HUGE MAIN EVENT at The Arizona Center on Friday, October 17th with bowls and ceramic boutique items. 100% of the proceeds go to WASTE NOT AZ, who feeds the Valley's hungry.

This event showcases AZ CLAY as an association that has been part of this ceramic community for over 30 years and it showcases the wonderful artists that are in this area.

WE NEED BOWLS!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF BOWLS! But, don't forget the Boutique items. Remember these items don't have to be bowls. Your creative items are welcome! They start at $20 and go up to $200 or $300.

MARJON CERAMICS is being very gracious one more year and donating all the clay. Canyon Cafe will be handling the food.

We Need You!

Contact LEE for ... ( or 623-875-9309)

Some interesting statistics about EMPTY BOWLS!

• MARJON CERAMICS has donated 63,750 pounds of clay worth $32,000 over the last 13 years!

• Every dollar raised for WASTE NOT feeds six people!

• Arizona CLAY has raised over $500,000 since its beginning 23 years ago!

• 100% of the proceeds goes directly to WASTE NOT!